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International Congress - Green Food Tech 2021: Sustainable Processing for Tomorrow's Food, Virtual conference - Morning EST (GMT 5)

From 27th April to 29th April, 2021
Virtual conference

Sustainable processing for tomorrow's food

Today's consumers are increasingly demanding regarding the quality and origin of the food they eat. The demand for products manufactured in a more natural and environmentally friendly way is exploding. The food industry is therefore facing the urgent need to review its practices to respond to this new trend. 

In order to contribute to the development of new eco-responsible processing methods and innovative technologies, Green Food Tech (GFT) was created in 2018 to bring together experts around this issue for the first time.

The second edition of GFT will be held on May 5 and 6, 2020 in Quebec City.


Be part of the change. Take part in the only conference on the subject and:

  • Meet researchers and professionals in the food processing sector from Canada, the United States and Europe;
  • Attend unique conferences on the latest innovations in sustainable food technologies and bioprocesses;
  • Provoke business opportunities and research collaborations through networking opportunities;
  • Discover sustainable technologies, equipment and services.


For its second edition, Green Food Tech invites its participants to present their work and expertise on the following themes: 

•    Food systems design using multicriteria evaluation
•    Advances in green food technologies
•    Waste reduction and valorization of by-products
•    Circular economy in food processing
•    Issues associated with sustainable value chains
•    Processing of alternative food resources


Keynote speakers:

Dr. Christoph HARTMANNAcademic Alliances and Expertise Development Lead, Nestlé Research, Switzerland
      Mega trends driving food innovation and sustainable nutrition

... And also:

Dr. Jen-Yi Huang, Professor, Purdue University, USA
      Formulating nutritionally adequate and environmentally sustainable dietary patterns

Dr. Geneviève Gésan-Guiziou, Senior scientist, INRA, STLO, France
      Environmental design of food processes: approaches & examples in the dairy sector

Dr. Ozan Ciftci, Professor, University of Nebraska - Linkoln, USA
      Development of an integrated green process to obtain a high value, stable and bioavailable lycopene product from tomato processing waste.

Dr. Alain Doyen, Professor, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
      High pressure-based and pressure-driven technologies applied to emerging and alternative food resources




Call for Abstracts

Scientists, students and manufacturers: do you work on food sustainability issues? You missed the opportunity to submit a proposal for GFT 2020? Take advantage of this new call for abstracts to present your work!  

Send in your proposal before February 19, 2021. Learn more



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This project was funded by the Innov'Action Agri-Food Program under the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture, an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.





Rates GFT 2021
Student $ 100.00
CRIBIQ or INAF member $ 300.00
General registration - None-member $ 400.00
GFT 2021 : Speaker $ 300.00
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