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Program 2017-2018 28e Call for projects

Bio-agri-food Special call NOVALAIT: Dairy production and processing

The main objective of this CRIBIQ research program in collaboration with Novalait is to cofinance innovative collaborative resarch projets involving public research institues that share a common interest in the development of bio-based products.

You can view and download the specific Guide and the forms of the 28th special call below:

Applicant’s Guide 28th Call projects -CRIBIQ-Novalait (Download)

Form Full application - 28th call projects - CRIBIQ-Novalait (Download)

Form Detailled financial package - 28th call projects -CRIBIQ-Novalait (Download)




Tableau des résultats


  • Submission of the letter of intent
    October 13th, 2017
  • Submission of the full application form
    October 13th, 2017
  • Fiscal year

Contact person

Anne  Hélène Boily

Mrs Anne Hélène Boily

Project coordinator
418-914-1608 206