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Our team

In order to maintain its operations and meet its goals, CRIBIQ has assembled a permanent group of agents who answer to the CEO. This group implements the decisions of the CRIBIQ board of directors.

Mohammed Benyagoub

Mohammed Benyagoub President and Chief executive officer

418 914-1608 Ext. 201

Anis Ben Amor

Anis Ben Amor Innovation and Business Development Advisor - Industrial Biobased products & Environment

418 914-1608 Ext. 203

Daniela Bernic

Daniela Bernic Innovation and Business Development Advisor - Special project

418 914-1608 Ext. 206

Cristina Marques

Cristina Marques Innovation and Business Development Advisor - Bio-food sector

418 914-1608 Ext. 202

Kimberley Martin

Kimberley Martin

418-914-1608 Ext. 204

Hari Randrianarisoa

Hari Randrianarisoa Conseiller à l’innovation et au développement des affaires, secteur des technologies visant la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre

418 914-1608 Ext. 208

Tania Sibler

Tania Sibler Corporative and finance advisor

418 914-1608 Ext. 200