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Information Webinar – SIITEC Program

16th November, 2022

Currently, the world's population consumes each year the equivalent of the resources that would be produced by 1.7 planet Earth. On the scale of Quebec, only 3.5% of resources are put back into circulation in the economy, once used. This is due to the current economic model which is based on a linear logic - extract, manufacture, consume, throw away - which generates important negative externalities. It is therefore essential to turn to a circular economy in order to rethink our production and consumption patterns, to consume fewer resources, to protect ecosystems as well as to optimize the use of resources in circulation.

In that sense, and to accelerate the development of industrial synergy projects aiming to convert our actual economy into a circular economy as well as to optimize the companies' environmental performance, the Consortium de recherche et innovations en bioprocédés industriels au Québec (CRIBIQ) has launched the Supporting Industrial Innovations for the Transition towards a Circular Economy (SI2TEC) program in collaboration with 4 of the 9 sector-based industrial research clusters (RSRI), namely :

On November 16 at 11 am, an information webinar was hosted by the CRIBIQ to present the SI2TEC program, as well as some statistics about the circular economy. A question period also took place.

Watch the information webinar here (in French only)!


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