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Program 2021-22 76th Call for projects

CRIBIQ-PROPULSION Program Helping to commercialize innovation in the Bio-based Economy

The program aims to provide additional financial support in the pre-marketing or commercialization of innovations to companies that have already received, directly or indirectly, financial support under one of the public or private programs managed by the CRIBIQ, such as:

  • Collaborative Research Programs (PSOs; PSO-International or PSO, PartenaraIA-academic; INNOV-R);
  • PartenarIA- Business Program;
  • BTM-Propulsion Program (Marine Biotechnology);
  • CRIBIQ-Startup.

The programme will thus support the companies concerned to carry out different phases of their pre-marketing or marketing project such as:

  • Putting marketing strategies in place;
  • Demonstrating innovation in a real-world context;
  • The validation of the contracts' target;
  • Approval of developed products;
  • Consolidating the intellectual property's portfolio; Or
  • Completion of sales.

CRIBIQ-Propulsion will provide support in the economic sectors already served by the organization, including bioenergy, bio-based chemicals and materials, the environment, food processing, agricultural production (vegetable and animal), active bio-ingredients and healthy foods.

Download the APPLICANT'S GUIDE (Fr) for more information.

In order to validate the eligibility of your project and obtain the required forms for filing the detailed application, please contact one of our Innovation Managers:

Persons to contact :

Daniela Bernic

Director of Innovation

daniela.bernic@cribiq.qc.ca ou

(418) 914-1608 ext. 206

Jean-Philippe Chenel

Director of Innovation

jp.chenel@cribiq.qc.ca ou

(418) 914-1608 ext. 203

Cristina Marques

Director of Innovation

cristina.marques@cribiq.qc.ca ou

(418) 914-1608 ext. 202

Mohammed Benyagoub


mohammed.benyagoub@cribiq.qc.ca ou

(418) 914-1608 ext. 201


  • Submission of the letter of intent
    not applicable
  • Submission of the full application form
    31st March 2022
  • Fiscal year

Contact person

Nathalie Ouimet

Mrs. Nathalie Ouimet

President and Chief Executive Officer
514 616-4025