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Research program

The goal of the CRIBIQ research program is to co-finance innovative collaborative research projects involving enterprises and public research institutes that share a common interest in the development of bio-based products. Funding of such projects by CRIBIQ is provided in the form of non-reimbursable financial contributions granted by Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI).


Innovation is an important driver of economic growth in Quebec. In order to remain in the group of advanced societies and open up to the world, Quebec must create a climate conducive to innovation in both the research sector and the entrepreneurial sector. It is in this context that the CRIBIQ launches a new financing program to support young innovative companies with high growth potential (startups). This call for projects aim to support the innovation projects of startups that are active in the three industrial sectors covered by CRIBIQ’s activities: Industrial Bioproducts, Environment and Bio-Food. This program will also make additional contributions to the Startup Quebec program of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (MEI).


Special call for projects - CRIBIQ Startup II

You can download the CRIBIQ Startup Applicant Guide (in french only) for more information.

Download the letter of intent (in french only) for the 58th call for projects - Special call CRIBIQ Startup II.

As part of the 58th call for projects, the letter of intention is strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

You can communicate directly with Éric Mercier-Laporte, Project manager, to validate the eligibility of your projects and to obtain the required forms to submit the detailed application.


61th call for projects - BTM Propulsion II

The Maritime Strategy aims to develop the maritime economy in a sustainable manner while promoting investment opportunities for companies that generate jobs and economic growth. In this context, marine biotechnology is a promising avenue for modernizing and sustaining the fishing and aquaculture industry and for finding alternatives to landfilling marine residues.

You can download the 2019-2020 APPLICANT GUIDE (in french only) pour plus d'information.

Please note that as part of the 61th call for projects, the letter of intent is mandatory.