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Development of a supplement for seed coating and foliar fertilization from fish processing by-products

The project consists of developing a supplement of amino acids and peptides from fish processing by-products and to validate the agronomic performance for seed treatment and foliar fertilization of vegetable crops.

The global biostimulant market is booming and exhibits an expected compound annual growth rate of 11.2% by 2025 to reach an estimated value of USD 4.9 billion in 2025 (Markets and Markets, 2019). The market is primarily driven by the strong demand for high value-added crops around the world and the increasing need to support crop growth due to abiotic stress resulting from changing climatic conditions. The fast-growing organic food industry is also a strong driver for the growth of the biostimulant industry. The increased awareness of farmers of the benefits of biostimulants and the increasing adoption of sustainable production methods are also further factors in increasing the growth of this market.

The commercial valuation of fish processing by-products will help solve a major problem of management of putrescible organic matter and will improve the profitability and competitiveness of partner processing plants. The more complete use of available natural resources is part of a logic of sustainable development.

The valorisation of marine biomass is one of the main axes of economic development for the Est-du-Québec area. This project for the sustainable development of fishery processing by-products will help structure the Quebec marine biotechnology sector by concretely integrating the exploitation of local aquatic resources into the development of innovative products with high commercial potential. This project is in line with the Quebec government's maritime strategy and the development of the blue economy.

Martin Poirier

Organic Ocean

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 97 500


Industrial participants :

OrganicOcean Inc.

Océan NutraScience Inc.

Agrocime Inc.