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Development of better biologicals as a more sustainable approach to Canadian agriculture

The proposed research will elucidate the mechanisms by which the current EVL microbial consortium enhances plant growth, mode of action for each strain involved, and how the strains work collectively. This knowledge is essential to the intelligent development of new EVL products.

The research will initially determine if plant growth enhancement is caused by substances released by the consortium strains into their surrounding environment. The nature of the plant growth promoting substances that are being produced will be elucidated and we will use the activity of substances excreted by each strain as an indication of how each strain enhances crop productivity, and as markers of strain presence and prevalance in the consortium, in order to understand how much each strain is actually contributing to the enhancement of crop plant growth. Finally, we will determine the effects of relevant environmental stimuli on the production of growth stimulating substances and the ability of the consortium and its members to enhance plant growth.

SynAgri will be involved in this work through NSERC funded activities regarding the effects of the EVL consortium on plant growth under a range of environmental conditions that is encountered in Quebec, providing a wider understanding of the potential for the consortium to enhance plant growth overall. The EVL work, proposed here, will allow a much better understanding of how each strain of the consortium contributes to these effects and how environmental conditions alter the effectiveness of these contributions, clarifying the findings from the SynAgri part of the work.  

The proposed research will result in an understanding of the contribution to plant growth enhancement by each strain in the current EVL consortium and the role that substances produced by each strain play. New products will result via new combinations of: specific strains, substances produced by specific strains, or combinations of strains and substances. More generally, the work will make Quebec a leader in the very new and rapidly expanding area of plant microbiome exploitation, resulting in new commercial activity and enhanced employment opportunities in the province. Thus, agriculture within Quebec, and elsewhere through Quebec exports, will become more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Donald Smith

Université McGill

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 352 466


Industrial participants:

  • EVL Global

  • SynAgri


  • McGill University

*Quebec public research institutes