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Becoming a member of CRIBIQ means joining a vast network of knowledge and vision and choosing to position your business or organisation as a key actor in Quebec industrial bioprocess research and innovation. It also means gaining access to the various project-funding programs and events proposed by the consortium.

Member category Membership fee & Renewal
Large businesses                      1 000$
Small or medium-sized business  300$
Large universities and large research centres  1 000$
Other universities and research centres, CTTC  500$
Associates  100$

Costs are in Canadian dollars ($CDN), GST and PST not included

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Membership Form — Stages 1

If you wish to become a member of CRIBIQ, please fill out this form. An invoice will be sent to you in the amount corresponding to the category of your organisation. Please fill in all of the fields in the form.

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- Technology, knowledge and know-how transfer;

- Collaborative research;

- Sharing financial and technological risks;

- High leverage effect;

- Technology and economic watch.