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Régénérer les eaux usées de nos municipalités et entreprises 18th January 2019

Ecofixe a développé un procédé biologique de traitement des eaux usées qui optimise les installations existantes des municipalités et des industries. Novae, Marie Allimann, 14 janvier 2019. En savoir plus 


The circular economy, the new model to adopt 14th January 2019

While a pan-Canadian organization devoted to the subject was created in the last few weeks, the circular economy is gradually gaining local companies. The Coalition for leadership in the circular economy (CLEC) was born in September on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Halifax to implement the transition to a circular economy across Canada. Its founding members are large corporations such as Unilever Canada, Ikea Canada or Loblaw, organizations such as The Natural Step Canada, the...


Responsible innovation key to smart farming 11th January 2019

Responsible innovation that considers the wider impacts on society is key to smart farming, according to academics at the University of East Anglia (UEA).   Agriculture is undergoing a technology revolution supported by policy-makers around the world. While smart technologies will play an important role in achieving improved productivity and greater eco-efficiency, critics have suggested that consideration of the social impacts is being side-lined. Full Article


Offre d'emploi - Coordonnateur(trice) de projet – Secteur de l’environnement et réduction des GES 10th January 2019


Industrie des pêches et de l’aquaculture commerciales – Québec annonce l’octroi de 12,8 millions de dollars au Fonds des pêches 20th December 2018

Actualité Alimentaire, 18 Dec. 2018. Le premier ministre du Québec, M. François Legault, le ministre de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation, M. André Lamontagne, et la ministre du Revenu national, l'honorable Diane Lebouthillier, annoncent que le gouvernement du Québec octroie 12,8 millions de dollars au Fonds bilatéral pour l'industrie des pêches et de l'aquaculture commerciales du Québec. Cet investissement soutiendra la réalisation de projets visant l'innovation ainsi...


Carbon label potential: Clear options can steer consumers towards more environmentally friendly food choices 20th December 2018

Food Ingredients 1st, 19 Dec 2018. Shoppers favor items with a lower carbon footprint as long as they're given clear information on the label. This is according to new research from the University of Technology Sydney and Duke University, in Australia. As part of the study, researchers presented 120 participants with a choice of soups. They found that when the products had a “carbon label,” participants bought fewer beef soups and more vegetable soups, in comparison to when there was no...