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Program 2022-23 94th Call for projects

Artifical intelligence funding program PARTENAR-IA | ACADÉMIQUE


The strength of Quebec's artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem is no coincidence. Indeed, thanks to its leadership and breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, the province is favourably positioned at the heart of this great industrial revolution.

By working closely with the industry, Quebec's public research institutes (QPRIs) are actively participating in the development of innovation in artificial intelligence. Thus, in addition to offering organizations and researchers know-how and access to costly and not easily accessible cutting-edge infrastructures, QPRIs mobilize their expertise to ensure that all sectors of the biobased economy benefit from the sharing of this knowledge. 

It is thus within the framework of the Call for innovation projects in artificial intelligence launched by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) that CRIBIQ will support, through its PARTENAR-IA | ACADÉMIQUE program, the research institutes of Quebec working in collaboration with the companies during the various stages of assembly and realization of their innovative projects in AI, by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Improve the competitiveness of companies through the adoption of AI;
  • Encourage collaborations between companies (of all sizes, including startups), as well as with research and innovation institutions to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence technologies in the business community and, by extension, in the society;
  • Support structuring projects aiming at the massive adoption of AI in one or more sectors of the economy;
  • Support the realization of projects leading to significant and immediate economic benefits;
  • Ensure the development and consolidation of innovation efforts in the field of AI;
  • Contribute to the positioning of Quebec as a leader in the development of AI.

Good news!

The MEI has made changes to the standards of its Support Program for Research and Innovation Organizations (SPO) to facilitate the submission of your projects!

First, the rate of assistance ($) is no longer determined by the technological readiness level (TRL), but rather by the size of the company (SME: 249 employees or less / GE: 250 employees or more).

Secondly, the financial contribution granted by the CRIBIQ can now go up to 1 500 000$ (500 000$/year over 3 years).

Third, only one company is allowed to participate in the research project.

Finally, the College Centers for Technology Transfer (CCTT) are now eligible to the indirect research costs (IRC).

For more information on the 94th call for projects, we invite you to download the 2022-2023 Applicant's Guide or to visit our Funding Programs page on our website.

To validate the eligibility of your project in order to obtain the form required for the submission of the Full Application, we invite you to send your Letter of Intent including the Calculation Grid to Mr. Jean Philippe Chenel, Director of Innovation.

The deadline for submitting your Letter of Intent including the Calculation Grid is October 13, 2022.

The deadline for submitting your Full Application is November 21, 2022.


  • Submission of the letter of intent
    13th October 2022
  • Submission of the full application form
    21st November 2022
  • Fiscal year

Contact person

Jean Philippe Chenel

Mr. Jean Philippe Chenel

Director of Innovation
418 914-1608 203