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FlexCarbon Pilot Plant For Fermentation of Waste Materials to Produce Compostable Bioplastics

This collaborative project aims to bring together unique expertise in Quebec for the construction and operation of the FlexCarbon technology pilot plant in Trois-Rivières at the Ulysse Biotech Inc. facilities. FlexCarbon produces biopolymers (PHA, polyhydroxyalkanoates) by fermentation of industrial waste. According to the circular economy concept, the residual materials, which come from the pulp and paper and agro-processing industries, become the raw materials for Bosk Bioproduits Inc.

The PHA will then be sent to Bosk's compostable bioplastics plant in Quebec City. The PHA, with the addition of natural ingredients, will be transformed into 100% biobased compostable bioplastic under the REGEN brand. REGEN products will allow manufacturers to produce eco-friendly packaging to replace polluting conventional plastics.

Paul Boudreault

Bosk Bioproduits Inc.

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 500 000


Industrial participants :

Bosk Bioproduits Inc.

Ulysse Biotech Inc.