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Becoming a member of CRIBIQ means integrating a vast network combining knowledge and vision, and choosing to position oneself as a key player in research and innovation in the Quebec's bioeconomy.

It also means to have access to the various grant programs as well as to the events managed by the consortium.

Member Category Membership Fee
Large businesses                      1 000$
Small or medium-sized business  300$
Large universities and large research centres  1 000$
Other universities and research centres, CTTC  500$
Associates  100$

* The associate member category does not give access to our financing programs.

Costs are in Canadian dollars ($CDN), GST and PST not included.

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Becoming a member of CRIBIQ is first of all...

  • Participating in the development of technological innovations that contribue to the transition to a low-carbon economy in Quebec;
  • Increasing the technical expertise, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of Quebec companies;
  • Encouraging the training of highly qualified personnel within Quebec companies;
  • Actively contributing to the emergence of new knowledge related to technological innovation and sustainable development;
  • Encouraging the adoption of best practices related to sustainable development within Quebec companies;
  • Promoting the adoption and integration of technological innovations in Quebec's industrial sector.

Membership Benefits

Since its beginning in 2008, the CRIBIQ, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy of Quebec (MEIE), has invested 87+ M$ for the financing of 375+ innovative projects led by its members, for which the significant outcomes represent 220+ M$.

CRIBIQ also relies on a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a high level of knowledge and expertise, who cumulate decades of experience in innovation in the agri-food, environment and industrial bioproducts/bioprocesses sectors, which accompanies CRIBIQ members throughout their innovation processes.

Becoming a member of CRIBIQ thus means...

  • Having access to grant programs managed by the consortium;
  • Sharing the financial risk related to R&D with funders through advantageous public and private contributions;
  • Benefiting from personalized support during the preparation of your proposals and throughout the whole duration of your projects;
  • Participating in the development of technological innovations resulting from a collaboration between the academic and the industrial sectors;
  • Having access to CRIBIQ grants (for startups only);
  • Benefiting from the CRIBIQ's free access to three (3) scientific databases to collect precise and updated information on your sector of activity, which is crucial to make informed decisions and remain competitive on the market;
  • Attending events that promote networking, knowledge sharing and strategic information transfer on innovation at a discounted price;
  • Gaining greater visibility on the various CRIBIQ's platforms.

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If you wish to become a member of CRIBIQ, please fill out this form. An invoice will be sent to you in the amount corresponding to the category of your organisation. Please fill in all of the fields in the form.

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CRIBIQ's mission : to promote, finance and maintain innovation in the Quebec's bioeconomy

Through its funding programs, CRIBIQ stimulates the innovation ecosystem by federating organizations and key players in the bioeconomy's industrial sectors around structuring and mobilizing initiatives, by offering support to companies at all stages of growth, by propelling innovations from development to commercialization, and by facilitating collaboration between research institutions and industrial partners.

In doing so, CRIBIQ :

  • Contributes to the expansion of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Ensures access to state-of-the-art infrastructures;
  • Takes part in the training of highly qualified personnel;
  • Promotes the growth of innovative companies;
  • Maximizes the transfer and impact of technological innovation;
  • Reinforces the adoption of green technologies by industries;
  • Promotes the development of a decarbonized and circular economy;
  • Encourages the assimilation of best practices associated with sustainable development.