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Could ‘probiotic’ plasmid drink combat antibiotic resistance? 17th January 2020

A probiotic strain containing a new type of plasmid could be a ‘promising' new weapon in the fight against antibiotic bacteria, say the UK Researchers behind the project. Read full article


"Put Data to Work" and 2020 predictions for farmers 17th January 2020

Growers in my home country of Canada and worldwide had more than their fair share of challenges in 2019.   Trade wars, labor shortages, and drastic weather really tested our patience and our commitment to farming. I'm hopeful there's a bright future for farmers in 2020, and I believe these 4 trends will help make 2020 a bumper year for farmers worldwide. 1: Artificial Intelligence Topping my list for 2020 is Artificial Intelligence. From site-specific predictive models that identify the exact...


Drones effective tools for fruit farmers 17th January 2020

The University of Idaho researches ways drones could be employed for fruit orchards and tree nurseries.  Olga Walsh, University of Idaho, is researching the use of drones for fruit trees. Most of the agricultural applications for drones have been on grain crops like wheat, corn and soy. “Adoption and use of crop sensors in production agriculture saves thousands of dollars every year in many crops,” says Walsh. “Crop sensors also help to significantly improve the efficiency of...


Wageningen researches efficiency of vertical farming 17th January 2020

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research are looking at how vertical farming can be more efficient.   “In a high-rise building – on a surface area about the size of a soccer field – you can grow enough vegetables for 100,000 people who each eat 250 grams of vegetables a day. You have complete control over the production process, so you are not dependent on the weather, the temperature, the daylight and the season. This makes vertical farming possible everywhere – also in...


Citrus extract improves gut health of piglets 17th January 2020

A study evaluated the efficacy of citrus extract as a substitute for antibiotics in piglet diets. The results indicate that citrus extract increased the concentrations of plasma essential amino acids, improved intestinal morphology and digestive enzymes activity. Read full article.


Malgré le réchauffement climatique, l’érable à sucre ne migrera pas rapidement vers le nord 17th January 2020

Le climat est un important déterminant de l'étendue des espèces végétales et, avec le réchauffement climatique, certaines études indiquent qu'à la fin du présent siècle certaines pourraient s'étendre à quelques dizaines de kilomètres au nord de leur aire de répartition actuelle. Et de tels changements pourraient avoir des conséquences majeures sur le fonctionnement des écosystèmes terrestres. Or, ce ne sera pas le cas de l'érable à sucre, selon les recherches doctorales...