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CRIBIQ frequently organises events focused on knowledge transfer, networking and technology watch, which attract many participants and foster numerous exchanges and partnering. These activities promote synergy and cooperation on technological challenges in an atmosphere of collaboration and shared interest in innovation.

Innovation Forum on the Bioeconomy in Quebec (FIBEQ 2019) From 17th June to 19th June, 2019
Center for Interactive Events and Conventions in Trois-Rivières

THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD IN FRENCH On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the CRIBIQ invites you to the first ever Innovation Forum on the Bioeconomy in Quebec (FIBEQ 2019) to be held from June 17 to 19, 2019, at the Center for Interactive Events and Conventions in Trois-Rivières. This forum will notably assess how the bioeconomy can meet the needs of the industry and how Quebec will succeed in its transition to a sustainable and competitive economy in the industrial sectors of...


The industry of biobased cleaners in Quebec: status and outlook 28th November, 2018
Hôtel Le Victorin, Victoriaville

The global cleaning market is valued at more than $44 billion. During the 1990s, various industrial and institutional establishments began using biobased cleaners (at least one ingredient based on microorganisms, plant extracts, etc.) to clean surfaces and instruments of all kinds, intended for industrial, medical or domestic uses. These cleaners, sometimes considered as green or environmentally friendly, offer an alternative to conventional solvents, disinfectants, surfactants, detergents...


Towards the valorization of emerging marine species 20th November, 2018

    The explotation of Quebec's marine ressources is a subject of great actuality. While some marine species are overexploited, several other species froma an industrial and commercial point of view are under-exploited or under-valued in province of Québec. The marine industry must therefore meet several innovation challanges to exploit these niches. In order to demystify the challenges of the diversification of the maritime industry and promote the development of marine biomass, the...


Student symposium 2018 — Achieving transition toward bioeconomy From 23rd October to 24th October, 2018
Campus de l'UQTR à Drummondville - 555, boulevard de l’Université Drummondville (Québec) J2C 0R5

This 5th edition of the student symposium aimed to focus on the links between students and the industrial sector to promote their close collaboration in the development of the bio economy in Quebec. The symposium will be held on 23rd and 24th of October at the UQTR Campus in Drummondville City. Bio economy is defined as all economic activities related to the development of production and processing of bioresources. The bio sourced products market represents about $230 billion in Canada. This...


Green Food Tech 2018 From 2nd October to 3rd October, 2018
Quebec City Convention Centre, Quebec

  **** INAF MEMBERS: You will need to select General admission while registering. You will then enter a promotional code in order to enjoy your special discount. Obtain it by writing to the following email address: info@inaf.ulaval.ca****   Today's consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to the quality and source of the food they eat. The demand for more natural, sustainably manufactured products is exploding, and the food industry is now facing an urgent need to revamp its...