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Program 2023-24 108th Call for projects


By 2030, Quebec is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% compared to the GHG emitted in 1990. To meet this environmental priority, and as a part of its 2023-2024 collaborative research program, the CRIBIQ announces today the launch of its new call for projects for the INNOV-R program, dedicated to the sectors of the bioeconomy concerned by the reduction of GHG emissions in Quebec.

This program, which is part of the Quebec government's Plan for a Green Economy (PEV 2030), is aimed at the emergence of innovative collaborative projects in strategic economic sectors to enable the province to move forward and reach its GHG emissions reduction targets more quickly and effectively.

The CRIBIQ will offer its support to the economic sectors served by the organization:

  • Biofood
  • Environnement
  • Industrial bioproducts

For more information on the INNOV-R program, we invite you to download the 2023-2024 Applicant's guide or to visit the RSRI's website.

To validate the admissibility of your project as well as to obtain the forms required to submit your Full Application and the GHG emissions reduction calculation form, contact Jean Philippe Chenel, Director of Innovation.

The deadline to obtain support for the GHG emissions reduction calculation is October 20, 2023.

The deadline to submit your Full Application is October 27, 2023.


  • Submission of the letter of intent
    not applicable
  • Submission of the full application form
    27th October 2023
  • Fiscal year

Contact person

Jean Philippe Chenel

Mr. Jean Philippe Chenel

Director of Innovation
418 914-1608 203