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AYOS diagnostic

AYOS diagnostic offers a first molecular diagnostic tool to precisely recommend to soybean producers which soybean varieties they should use to fight against phytophthora root rot, one of the most damaging diseases for this crop. This solution is possible thanks to obtaining the genetic fingerprint of the different variants of the disease found in the field, and will considerably reduce the 500 million dollars of annual losses in North America. The use of a resistant variety of soybean is recognized as the best method of disease control and at the same time reduces the dependence on fungicides. This project will demonstrate this in tangible terms in order to raise awareness among players in the soybean sector of the need for the molecular tool to enhance a sustainable and effective method of control, in addition to increasing the productivity of Quebec agriculture.

Jérôme Boissonneault-Laroche

Directeur commercial et finance
AYOS technologies

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 25 000


*Quebec public research institutes :

Université Laval
AG-Bio Centre