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Use of a Heterotrophic Microorganism (Sphaeroforma Artica) For the Valorization of Residues From the Fishing Industry by Fermentation

The management of residues represents a major challenge for the fishing and aquaculture industry. In order to improve the valorization of these residues, a new approach using a fermentation process by a protist has been developed to reintegrate these residues into the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets. This project is a collaboration between Iso-BioKem Laboratories Inc. and Ocean NutraSciences Inc. and aims to evaluate to constraints of scaling up this process both in terms of handling the residues and optimizing the culture parameters.

Bertrand Genard

Les Laboratoires Iso-BioKem Inc.

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 319 012


Industrial participants :

Iso-BioKem Laboratories Inc. | Les Laboratoires Iso-BioKem Inc.

Ocean NutraSciences Inc.