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Viridios (9437-4791 Québec Inc.)

VIRIDIOS - Biotechnology company producing biosourced materials.

Several molecules come exclusively from plants found in conventional cultivation in India and China. We offer a local input solution using smart cultivation processes. As a process, we intend to use bioreactors in order to focus on the parts of the plant that interest us, such as the rhizome.

The advantages of this solution are:

- Great reduction in the growth cycle (from 5 years to about 3 months);
- Ensures the quality of the raw material;
- Is insensitive to climate change;
- Reduction of the environmental impact in terms of deforestation, because 1 bioreactor of 10 square meters is equivalent to approximately 1.2 arpent of field;
- Reduced environmental impact in terms of transport by being less than 100 km from manufacturing plants.
-Allows the predictability of supplies.

This, with the aim of reducing the climate impact, by giving Quebec greater autonomy in the production and supply of biosourced materials.

Xavier Kasim

Viridios (9437-4791 Québec Inc.)

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 25 000


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