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Incubation and Pre-commercialization of an Innovation Strategy for the Revalorization of Marine Bioresources Into Pet Food Products

The project of the startup KALŪ has the objective and the will to develop and commercialize the potential of agri-food innovation for animals, especially animal proteins or marine/aquatic biosourced products by concern for the environmental footprint, by putting forward the use of biosourced and responsible packaging (compostable, zero waste) derived from residual materials.

The project to commercialize extruded pet food formulas is based primarily on technical and scientific research of the best purification, drying and transformation processes for reused co-products such as the shells of northern shrimp, snow crab and Atlantic lobster.

Among the various efforts, external consultants will also have the mission to develop local and regional economic links with retailers and distributors to insert and introduce products on the market.

Pierre-Alexandre Guernon

VP – Strategy & Innovation
Produits KALU Inc.

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 30 000


Industrial participants :

Produits KALŪ Inc.

*Quebec public research institutes :