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Les Technologies CL Dufour Inc.

Our process will participate in the transition of the maple syrup industry from an artisanal or commercial mode to a large-scale industrial production method. The only equipment that does not yet exist is a high pressure caramelizer. Almost all of the equipment needed for our future factory is on the market and available to the food industry in general. Except for the caramelizer. Its equipment can accommodate very large-scale operation volumes. The planned production capacity in our plant will be 500 to 1000 liters of extracted water / hour. You can easily reach an annual maple syrup production of 800,000 to 1,000,000 taps for the first  vaporator paired  with our caramelizer. The production volumes of the type of equipment are sometimes gigantic (14,000 litres/hour for one of the Lasonde plants and the Lanctic evaporator in Montreal have three floors. Its maximum capacity is not known to us) The centralization of maple syrup processing is essential to ensure the transition from agriculture to industrial mode. The dairy industry is a good example. Today, dairy farms are specialized and limited to the production of raw milk. All other transformations are carried out in the factory. I personally worked at the Cooperative Agro Pur (Granby cheese factory) which received nearly 1,000,000 liters of raw milk every day. Without this centralization, the dairy industry would not be what it is today. For the maple industry, technology and equipment exist and are available on the market, CL Dufour Technologies has set itself the goal of actively contributing to the construction of the first class maple sap processing plant. world. Our factory will be very energy-intensive, 100% automated  and virtually carbon neutral.

Claude Dufour

Les Technologies CL Dufour Inc.

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$ 25 000


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