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Valorization of Coffee Grounds in Bioplastics

The harmful effects of petroleum-based plastics on ecosystem no longer need to be demonstrated. The company 9473-3821 Québec inc. | Ambition Bioplastique is developing an innovative material from a residual food bioresource. Concretely, this green technology project consists in developing an innovative bioplastic based on locally consumed coffee grounds. This biodegradable material will be commercialized to make reusable coffee cups developed with an eco-design approach. Directly aligned with the circular economy model and the principles of sustainable development, this project not only allows the valorization of a food residue in a biosourced material, but also the reduction of the use of single-use cups and lids. By demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of this project in Quebec, Quebec know-how can be transmitted internationally.

Simon Desmarais

Québec Inc. | Ambition Bioplastique

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 30 000


Industrial participants :

9473-3821 Québec inc. | Ambition Bioplastique

*Quebec public research institutes :