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Valorization of industrial co-products enriched with microalgal proteins in the aquaculture sector

Previous work, carried out by Greenfield Global with its research partners, has led to the development of a biotechnological process for enriching an important distillery co-product in proteins, thanks to a microalgae naturally found in the St. Lawrence River. The objective of this project is therefore to promote this new product rich in microalgal proteins in the aquaculture sector, and to lay the foundations for a possible production on an industrial scale. First, the work will test different versions of the product rich in proteins in an in vitro digestibility study. This step will allow you to select the version of the product presenting the best characteristics for in vivo study. This study will be carried out on a selected species of fish (the salmon is targeted), and this, at different inclusion rates in order to determine the nutritional qualities of the product and thus validate its potential for use in the aquaculture market. Ultimately, the activities carried out within the framework of this project will provide the necessary information to move forward with a pre-commercial demonstration phase.

Alain Boutet

Greenfield Global Québec Inc.

CRIBIQ's contribution

$ 190 000


Industrial participants :

Greenfield Global Québec Inc.

*Quebec public research institutes :

Centre de recherche sur les biotechnologies marines (CRBM)